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7 Reasons to Add a Pergola with Solar Panels to Your Property

Pergola with Solar Panels

An estimated 67% of households have expressed interest in going solar on top of the 25% that already have it. What’s holding some homeowners back from taking the leap and installing a solar energy system?

For some, it’s the size of the investment. For others, it’s a lack of space or direct sunlight on their rooftops. This is where installing a pergola with solar panels can come in handy.

A pergola with solar panels is a free-standing structure that you can place on your property to maximize solar conversion. What are the benefits? Read on for seven reasons to choose a solar-powered pergola for your home.

1. Embracing Versatility

Solar may have seemed out of reach because your roof doesn’t get enough sunlight. Maybe it’s shrouded in shade thanks to nearby trees. Maybe the pitch is north-facing and doesn’t get enough direct sunlight for rooftop solar power to replace 100% of your electricity usage.

There are many ways to construct a pergola, which can create more opportunities to harness the sun that does fall on your property. You can build a pergola off of your existing home or build them as a separate structure. Solar experts can help you decide where to build one for the biggest impact. 

Plus, solar-equipped pergolas offer a rooftop alternative so you don’t have to lose much square footage. You can still enjoy your yard space while using an eco-friendly energy source.

2. Saving on Roof Replacement

Some homeowners get solar consultations and discover that they need a full roof replacement to support rooftop solar panels. While many solar companies can provide great deals and functional financing, it may not be in your budget right now.

Adding solar panels to a pergola will allow you to go solar before ever replacing your roof. While you may need to invest in that roof replacement in the long run, your future energy savings could make it easier to budget for this massive undertaking in the future.

3. Cutting Down Utility Bills

It’s no secret that the cost of living is going up around the country. Many homeowners are discovering that their utility bills are on the rise even though they’re not using more electricity than normal.

Some experts predict that inflation will ease up in 2024, but will it have a ripple effect on electricity costs? This doesn’t seem likely. 

There are many reasons for this, including an increasing reliance on overseas natural gas. The only way to stop overpaying to power your home is to opt out of standard electricity and go solar. 

4. Creating Outdoor Living Spaces

When you build a pergola on your property, you aren’t just creating a new way to access solar power and enjoy environmental benefits. Pergolas with solar power create a shaded area in your yard with some protection against the rain, snow, and wind. 

This sheltered space gives homeowners the chance to create the outdoor living space of their dreams. Indoor-outdoor living is gaining popularity with homeowners across the nation because it creates more opportunities to enjoy time at home and entertain guests.

Get creative with your solar-powered pergola. Create a comfortable dining area or outdoor reading nook or go all out and build an outdoor kitchen. No matter what you choose, you can power it with the same solar energy that is powering your home.

5. Increasing Self-Sufficiency 

Have you ever had to sit through a long-term power outage? If so, you know how disruptive it is to lose power unexpectedly. You can’t use your appliances, go online without using data, take a hot shower, or see after sunset. 

With solar power, you aren’t tied to the city power grid. When weather events or overuse cause the grid to go down, you won’t have to live with the fallout. 

Some homeowners wonder if they’ll still have power on a cloudy day. Solar panels can convert and store the excess energy you aren’t using when the sun is shining, allowing you to continue using it when the sun is nowhere to be found.

6. Opting for a Functional Payment Plan

A pergola with solar panels can resolve the issue of a shaded or north-facing rooftop, but what about costs? In addition to the cost of installing solar panels, you may need to cover the cost of building a new pergola (assuming you don’t have one in place already).

The good news is that many solar companies offer functional payment plans with in-house management. In other words, you may not need to go out and secure a loan on your own. You can negotiate the duration of your plan, the cost of each payment, and your interest rates.

You may also qualify for financial incentives like federal, state, and local tax credits. Many people will use their tax credits to make bigger payments toward their solar panels and reduce interest rates. Go to Blue Raven Solar to learn more about solar financing options. 

7. Increasing Home Appeal

Is a pergola with solar panels a good investment to make if you’re planning on selling your home in the next few years? The short answer is yes, especially if you can pay it off before the sale.

Homeowners aren’t the only ones who have an interest in solar. Buyers also recognize the many benefits and cost savings associated with solar energy. A property that already has solar panels installed and ready to use may increase home appeal for buyers and make your property more competitive. 

What if you want to take solar panels with you when you move? They’re not easy to uninstall from a roof, but they may be easier to uninstall from a pergola.

Go Green with a Pergola with Solar Panels

A pergola with solar panels can eliminate some of the issues that kept you from moving to solar power in the past. Now that you know the many benefits, it’s time to take the next step and contact a reputable solar company.

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